What does Beard oil do?

There is something about the men who keep neatly groomed beards. People can’t ignore to look them for a while. Beard grooming takes a lot of care and time. There are many products which help to keep your beard healthy and one of them is beard oil.

When it is mixed with some ingredients like argan oil or grape seed oil, it becomes more nourishing for the beard.

You may ask “Why would I need beard oil at all?” So, I will tell you many benefits, why you should always use the beard oil.

1. Beard oil is a natural moisturizer

It is hydrating to the beard and the skin under the beard hairs. It helps to soften the beard and also works as the sytling product. Not only it makes your beard well groomed but also gives it a shiny look. When you wash your face especially in the morning shower, it is the best time to apply the beard oil. Your hair follicles absorb the maximum of it.

2. Beard oil keeps the beard hair clean

It helps your beard to smell fresh and free from flakes. Combined with some moisturizer, some drops of it are sufficient to reduce the stray hairs.

3. Beard oil is a natural cologne

When you mix beard oil with some sandalwood or cedarwood, it works like a cologne and the beards smell refreshing.

So guys, apply the beard oil regularly and see the positive results pretty soon.

Best Grooming tips

It can’t be denied that people judge you based upon your appearance. It doesn’t matter how successful you are, you must dress properly and behave accordingly.
Here are some tips every man needs to know for grooming:

Staying on fundamentals

If you take care of your body, half of the job is done of making a good impression. Consume a balanced diet and keep doing some physical activity. Don’t smoke and drink unless necessary. If you cultivate habits like these, it will significantly help you making a lasting impression on someone.

Pamper your skin

To make sure that your skin appears fresh and glowing, ask for some medical professional. Eat plenty of water daily, at least 2 liters per day. It takes some time to become accustomed to, but once you do it regularly, it will do wonders for your skin complexion. Sleep adequately and avoid puffy eyes, also use some moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and nourished. When going outside in the sun, make sure your face is free of dirt and your eyes are clear and no stray hair on your face.

Keep your lips healthy

Dry and patchy lips keep the girls away, so you should apply balm or jelly frequently to moisturize the lips. Never use too much or it will look like lip gloss.

Enter the shower

The golden secret to smelling good and look clean without using deodorant. So if you return from the office, gym or a crowdy place, just go to the shower.

Make your hands clean

Girls notice your hands and they play an important role, especially in your business meetings when you have to make a handshake with others. You should file and reduce the nails frequently and make sure they never look dirty. Wash your hands especially after having a meal, because sweaty and smelling hands are the largest turn off for the girls. You can also use some hand lotion occasionally to keep the hands clean.

Do not be shaggy

Because hair grows routinely, you have to ensure that there are no stray hairs on your nose and ears. If there are some excess hairs, use a trimmer. Also use shampoo and conditioner regularly after the shower in the morning.

Sense of style

Always wear clothes which fit nicely on you, make sure they are clean and ironed. Is there any use of wearing costly pants and shirts, if they don’t fit properly? absolutely NO. They shouldn’t be too tight or loose.

Shiny shoes

Girls always judge the guys by their shoes. If you wear formal shoes, make sure they don’t look dirty or patched. Always polish them and keep them shiny.

How to grow a beard

Growing a beard is not just an ordinary daily routine. It requires time and full commitment. Many people may ask you, why grow a beard? Well, the query should be why NOT grow a beard? Though shaving may be a normal practice but growing a beard may seem an exception to some.

The beard growing depends upon primarily on the genetics. It is not much you can do about that. But once you choose to grow your beard, the choice is yours. Some of the guys want it permanently. At least you should give it a try and you will know if it suits you or not. If you love it, then grow it.

So, here are the tips to grow your beard:


1. Make a commitment

Make a commitment to grow your beard and stick with it. Without a commitment, you may feel the urge to trim or shave it in its initial phase of 1 month.

2. Stop shaving and start growing

During the initial phase, your beard starts to take its shape. It may not look well-groomed people may ask to shave it off. But you need to remember that it takes some time to grow a nice looking beard. So keep your shaving kit away, at least in its initial phase. After 1 month, it will start taking its shape. You may want to have a neckline with your beard. Better get it done by a professional stylist.

3. Fight with the itching !!

During the first 1 month, you may experience itching on the skin beneath the beard, so keep it clean with shampoo and a conditioner. Eventually, our skin will become habitual to it, as itching is temporary. If you can’t bear much itching, you can try some moisturizing cream to soothe the skin

4. Maintain and care your beard

Always use a good quality beard trimmer and learn to use it properly. Use some soap or shampoo regularly to wash your beard. To remove the extra water, use a towel to pat it gently. However, try to avoid a blower.

So guys, use these simple tips and watch your favorite beard growing !!