How to Trim Your Beard in 6 Easy Steps

A long time ago, growing the beard was just a casual routine. People thought that just stop the shaving and your beard will grow. Nobody has concerned whether the beard ended at chin or neck. But these days, a beard needs more attention and care. So whether you are at the workplace or a party, you need to keep the beard hairs in check. We recommend getting a solid beard grooming kit and follow these 6 easy steps to trim and shape your beard.

* Step One

The foremost thing you need to do is wash the beard. You may use a good soap or shampoo and then use a conditioner. This will soften your beard hairs.

* Step Two

When the beard hair has dried, use a soft brush and rub it at the grain of the beard to make the beard hairs stand up and outside. It will help you to trim them easily and you will be able to check if there are some extra length hairs.

* Step Three

Use a bigger guard to prevent trimming the beard hairs too short. Then use the clippers to trim the hairs evenly. Use a shorter guard, if you want to trim your mustache too.

* Step Four

While using the guard with the clippers, it becomes difficult to trim the mustache, so it is better to comb the beard hairs down. Then use some bare clippers to the hairs covering the lips. You can also use small scissors too if you can’t trim it with a steady hand.

* Step Five

The next step i.e. trimming your neckline is the most crucial. If you trim the neckline at wrong places, it may ruin the looks of your beard. So do it carefully especially near the jawbone. To do this step in a safe way, you should trim the beard slightly above Adam’s apple for about 1 inch only. So use 2 fingers and held them above Adam’s apple. Now imagine a dot above your 2 fingers and draw a line virtually from behind the ears. This will create a U shape and you should cut the hairs below this dot.

If you want a fading beard, then set the clippers at the approximately half length of the clipper. Use this short clip setting, you should trim up about 1 inch around the base of your beard.
The beard fading normally are lengthy, which start from the skin and end with the full groomed beard.

* Step Six

You should use the comb for your beard. After that use some beard oil to soften them and distribute the oil evenly on the hairs. After the trimming, comb the beard back as your favorite style. Any stray hairs will be seen and remove them with the scissors.

Guys, I hope you will follow these simple steps and get a perfectly looking beard.

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