Beard Grooming Tricks

Beard grooming requires a lot of patience and care. Once your beard starts growing, it needs more care and time. But don’t worry !! I will tell you some Beard grooming tricks that will keep your facial hair looking shiny and healthy.

Be Patient

A well-groomed beard is the result of self-restraint. You may feel urged to trim or shave, at the initial stage of your beard growing. But keep your patience and don’t cut it for at least 1 month. This much time is sufficient for your beard hairs to grow evenly. Once it starts to take a shape, you can choose a style depending on its thickness or length of beard hairs.

Your face shape should match with the beard

A well-groomed beard must be in-tune with the surrounding skin. When it has grown for a month, choose your beard style that matches your face shape.

Know When and how you should trim

Even when you like to grow it large, pruning is very important for the beard grooming. Use a good quality trimmer, and trim it carefully to ensure that no stray hairs remain near the beard.

Wash It Regularly

In the initial stage of beard grooming, the food particles can cause lots of itching. So use a scrubber and cleanse the beard regularly. After the cleansing, use a towel and pat it gently

Use the Beard Oil

There is nothing that can tame your beard better than a beard oil. When combined with some beard conditioner, it will make your hairs more shiny and softer.

Eat properly

As your beard hairs are made of fat and protein, your should eat vitamin rich diets which may include egg yolks, leafy greens, nuts, and milk.

So use these simple tricks and watch your healthy beard grooming.

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  1. Hi Alex

    I was trying to grow my beard for the last 3 weeks and worried about its growth. But now reading your article, I am convinced that it needs one more week to take its proper shape. Thanks

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