October 2012 Beard Of The Month

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Every now and then, you come across a beard that truly stands out in a crowd… stands out like a guy in a red-striped shirt named Waldo.

Ironically enough, October’s Beard of The Month winner is the real life Where’s Waldo. When he’s not busy hiding in crowds and starring in fantastic videos, Jake Holland hosts zombie parties, stages flash mobs, and just flat out keeps it interesting. You have to respect that about a guy.

You know what else you have to respect? His beard…

Getting to know your beard

Approximate age of your beard: This current phase of my beard is approximately 2 months old.

Beard style/category: Lumberjack / Sea Captain.

Food most often found stuck in your beard: Any of the contents of a burrito, or a milkshake.

Your bearded lifestyle

What inspired you to grow your beard? The rise of “No Shave November” back in 2008, and the bearded excellence contained within the ranks of the band Four Year Strong.

How do you avoid the summer temptation to shave your beard? Any and every razor is thrown into a pile and incinerated in a righteous manner.

What is the most unique comment you’ve received regarding your beard?  “You look like a viking leprechaun!” or “your beard is so full it appears that you’re storing food in your cheeks for winter.”



A day in the life of your beard

Describe the daily maintenance of your beard: Shampoo/conditioner, as well as frequent usage of my beard-comb.

How do people typically react to your beard? “Can I touch it?” or frequent high fives and grand compliments.

How do you defend yourself against beard enviers? I simply stare at them until they whimper and vacate the area.

Your beard’s uniqueness

How would you say your beard matches your personality? Apparently the ginger beard isn’t a regular sight, and I try not to be a very regular individual… so I think it works out nicely.

What about your beard are you most proud of?  Just how thick and full it gets with every passing day… as well as the cooperative curl of the mustache-portion of the beard once it gets long enough.

How has your beard in particular served as an inspiration to others?  Thus far, it has inspired numerous friends to give their beard a chance to grow… even if it’s only for the month of November. It has also inspired the last 3 cops/state troopers that pulled me over to rethink their agenda… and let me off with warnings instead of tickets.

Big thanks to Jake for letting me feature his follicles. If you’d like to submit a nomination for Beard of The Month, email me at stephen@thebeardedidealist.com.

More suitable title for Jake’s beard: “Lumberjack Sea Captain” or “Viking Leprechaun”?

  • http://www.jasonvana.com Jason Vana

    Viking Leprechaun has a nice ring to it…

    • http://thebeardedidealist.com/ Stephen Haggerty

      Agreed. I like the title because on one hand it’s pretty fierce and intimidating, and on the other it just loves sweet marshmallow goodness.

  • http://dancarman.blogspot.com/ Daniel Carman

    Lumberjack/sea captain style made me laugh as you don’t often see a bearded two-fer.

    He also mentioned that his beard is 2 months old and that he has been pulled over by police 3 times since he grew the beard. That averages to one incident every 2.5 weeks. That is a lot. How often was he pulled over by the police before he grew the beard?

    • http://thebeardedidealist.com/ Stephen Haggerty

      :) Good call. CLEARLY it is a case of beard profiling, I am so glad you caught that. I think we might have a case for… the People’s Court!

      • http://www.facebook.com/jake.holland Jake Holland

        to be more accurate, i’ve had a beard for 4 years now… but this current growth-phase is only 2 months old. i chose to trim down to almost nothing back in August for a funeral.

  • Phil

    Good to see another ginger beard out there. I’m in that category myself.

    • http://thebeardedidealist.com/ Stephen Haggerty

      Nice. Ginger beards of the world unite. Actually don’t, I’d feel a bit threatened with that much red beard in one place…

  • http://www.lifeofasteward.com Loren Pinilis

    I would actually go with Leprechaun / Sea Captain – although I know that’s probably breaking the rules.

    • http://thebeardedidealist.com/ Stephen Haggerty

      Now that’s just extreme!! …I like it.

  • http://www.ramblingbarba.com Ken Hagerman

    Welcome to the party Jake. I’m a little tardy in my greeting but it’s been crazy lately. I really like Viking Leprechaun. That could be a whole mini-series with spin-offs and everything from the title alone. Toss in his top-shelf wind breaker and it’s already a classic. BTW- I will trying to work the phrase “incinerated in a righteous manner” into posts and conversations for the foreseeable future.

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