How To Groom A Beard

As simple as it is, it still seems easy to mess up.

Here to demonstrate the proper technique for beard grooming, ladies and gentlemen, Ron Swanson…

  • Larry Carter

    Yeah, I can’t get past that first one.

    • Stephen Haggerty

      It’s a beard fundamental… Gotta put down the razor.

  • Daniel Carman

    Reminds me of the old fire safety rules if you spontaneously burst into flame. Stop. Drop. Roll. Actually this could work for beard grooming tips as well. No?

    • Stephen Haggerty

      Ha, nice, Dan. Yeah, the rules are pretty similar for when you spontaneously burst into beard. In that case you stop (shaving), drop (your razor), and rule (your domain with a fearsome beard).

      • Daniel Carman

        Mirthful. Spontaneous bearding? Can this also happen on top of one’s head? Some have told me that I am thinning just a bit. Likely you have not noticed.

  • Phil

    My favorite charcter on television right now. I have adopted this philosophy

    • Stephen Haggerty

      One of my favorites as well, Phil :)
      Glad you abide by this grooming philosophy. You won’t regret it.

  • SethCaddell

    Seems pretty simple, still confuses me as to how many men mess this up

    • Stephen Haggerty

      A bit perplexed myself. I prefer Ron Swanson-like simplicity.

  • ThatGuyKC

    Haha! Love it. However, my facial follicles grow in such a pattern that a beard is not in my future. Also, the wife likes my face clean shaven so making out trumps pride on this one.

    • Stephen Haggerty

      I gotcha, KC. I will pray for the Spirit to convict her heart.

  • Tyler Hess

    *scowl sold separately 

    • Stephen Haggerty

      ;) Nah, it’s all part of the package!

  • Rob Shepherd

    I’m starting to feel like owners of the beard are like owners of Apple products. 

    • Stephen Haggerty

      HA… What do you mean? You think beard owners pay $0.30 extra per song?

  • Ken Hagerman

    This is very close to my philosophy. My number 2–comb as needed to remove small animals and neighbor kids. Other than that small change –PERFECT

    • Stephen Haggerty

      That’s exactly what I wanted it to say!! Just couldn’t fit it… I like yours way better.

  • Loren Pinilis

    You’re supposed to comb weekly?
    I don’t think I’ve ever combed. But I just have a goatee, so it doesn’t get too much junk in it.

    • Stephen Haggerty

      I wanted to write “comb (when necessary)” but couldn’t make it fit…

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