August 2012 Beard Of The Month

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Some beards are adequate. Some beards are hairy enough to seem manly, while trimmed enough to keep the boss happy. And then there’s the beard that makes all regular beards look like adolescent peach fuzz.

August’s Beard of The Month is just such a beard.

This month’s beard belongs to Nathan Smoyer, a guy who gets up and puts his pants on like everyone else in the morning, and then strikes fear into the hearts of men with his impressive beard.

Nate is a Social Media Coordinator for Logos Bible Software, a member of leadership at Ekklesia Church, a BMX’er, and more importantly, a bearder.

But enough about Nathan- let’s get to know his beard…

Getting to know your beard

Approximate age of your beard: At the time of the photo, 8-9 weeks or so.

Beard style/category: The “I keep the stache curled just a bit.”

Food most often found stuck in your beard: Oh man, bits of bacon, cookie crumbs. Eating pancakes is difficult. Everything I drink gets in the mustache.

Your bearded lifestyle

What inspired you to grow your beard? I’ve wanted one since I was little. Must be because I thought all the biker dudes at our family picnics were the coolest and I wanted to look like them. I also really dislike shaving, so I’d rather groom and maintain than shave.

How do you avoid the summer temptation to shave your beard? There is no such thing. Period. People (like my mother) ask me, “Aren’t you hot with that beard?”  Unless they can grow a beard, I don’t really even want to ask the question. It makes no difference to me. Once you get past the itchy phase it’s all downhill from there- regardless of the weather.

What is the most unique comment you’ve received regarding your beard? A TSA guy stopped me to tell me my beard was awesome once. Here in Bellingham, facial hair gets a lot of respect, so I’m used to random folks saying nice beard. It’s kind of cool.

A day in the life of your beard

Describe the daily maintenance of your beard: Be sure to wash with water daily and soap every now and then. I comb it daily (especially after a shower). That’s about it.

How do people typically react to your beard? Positively. Then again, I’m still single so who knows if it really is making a positive impression on others. Haha. Some tell me I would look better without a beard. Their opinion doesn’t really count though.

How do you defend yourself against beard enviers? Defend? No need to. Haters are going to hate. I’ve been blessed and I couldn’t be more stoked about it.

Your beard’s uniqueness

How would you say your beard matches your personality? I’m outspoken and very outgoing. I can be a bit intense in comparison to most west-coasters I meet- so yeah, I think it fits.

What about your beard are you most proud of? I can’t say I’m really “proud” of it. I view growing a beard as a test of patience. I’m thankful for the blessing of having the ability to grow a good beard, so I take the time to groom and cultivate it.

How has your beard in particular served as an inspiration to others? I get the comment, “I wish I could grow a beard like that” all the time. I encourage every man to try and to eat bacon everyday. Everyone has the ability to cultivate a look of their own. Mine happens to be a full beard. I’d say I owe my inspiration to all the old biker guys I used to see when I was younger. I can only hope to inspire little tikes everywhere to dream of one day sporting a beard!

Big thanks to Nathan for letting me feature his follicles. If you’d like to submit a nomination for Beard of The Month, email me at

*Photos courtesy of Nathan Smoyer and

Is Nathan’s curled-stache-beard the bees knees or what?

  • Larry Carter

    Nice one. Love the curled stache.

    • Stephen Haggerty

      Thanks, Larry.. That’s what I found most impressive as well.
      Nice job, Nate!

  • Daniel Carman

    I think somebody has pulled the wool over your eyes. The “beard”, as you call it, is clearly held on by a piece of string. That much is obvious. The “thing” on this man’s upper lip is just a small bird that has alighted for a rest. All this time I thought that you were an expert in these matters. Now I am distressed about what you call your “beard”. If I shake you like an Etch-A-Sketch, will all of your “beard” bits float up to the edges of the frame?

    • Stephen Haggerty

      Ha… That is most definitely what would happen if you shook me.
      You are too funny, my friend. :)

    • @Natesmoyer

      #hatersgoingtohate  :-)

      • Stephen Haggerty

        :) Awesome pic.

    • Brooke Haggerty

      I’m with Daniel on this one… that beard is so AWESOME it almost seems UNREAL. Although the ”bird” stach looks more like angel wings to me. Way to go Nate for setting the bar high for all bearded hopefuls. Nothing but respect.

    • Daniel Carman

      I apologize deeply and humbly. I am likely over-compensating with negativity because I am follicularly challenged. Sigh.

    • Michael F. Haverluck

      It’s real, alright. I work with the guy. You can hang a sack of potatoes on that thing and a large bird could perch on that stash … believe me. Fear the beard …

      • Stephen Haggerty

        HA! I love it, Mike.

  • Phil

    It’s definitely something to shoot for; it’s tip top indeed

    • Stephen Haggerty

      Yes… to shoot FOR, not AT- just to emphasize…

  • Adrian Waller

    Epic times epic. I’ve got some serious beard envy going on right now.

    • Stephen Haggerty

      Isn’t it though? :) I like your summary.
      And you have quite the epic beard yourself!

      • Adrian Waller

        Ha! Thanks, Stephen. =)

  • Larry Hehn

    I’m especially fond of the two-tone effect between ‘stache and beard, like two slices of wheat bread over a loaf of rye. Nice…

    • Stephen Haggerty

      :) How poetic, Larry…

  • Loren Pinilis

    Curled mustaches looks so vintage to me – is anyone else like that?
    Cool look. Curled mustaches are like glasses: they make you look instantly smarter.

    • Stephen Haggerty

      Mustache-curling process commencing…
      Not really, but the thought of looking smarter without having to buy any glasses is tempting.

  • Ken Hagerman

    It is with bitter -sweet trepidation I welcome you to the Beard of the Month page on the Bearded Idealist. Stephen has again stacked the month with a fantastic beard. The year end honor is going to be very difficult to win indeed.It is your class of full beard the has motivated me to fill in the gap on my goatee. Looks awesome.

    • Stephen Haggerty

      What a guy you are, Ken Hagerman. Nathan indeed has a rocking beard. But with you filling in the sides of your extreme goatee, I’m pretty sure it’s anybody’s game! Thanks for staying engaged in all the BOTM shenanigans, Ken. I appreciate it.

      • Ken Hagerman

        I made a mistake blazing out like I did. I should have taken cues from the Badminton folks and laid low till the later rounds. How do you “sandbag” for BOTM?

    • Nathan Smoyer

      Man, what a compliment! The goatee is a classic, but yours is on a whole different level. How long has yours been growing for? Thumbs up to you, sir!

      • Ken Hagerman

        I have had a goatee for 15 + years but I started growing it long about 4 or 5 years ago. I trim it back an inch or so every 2 or 3 months to keep it clean on the ends. With my recent “fill-in-the-gap” program I have gone caveman. My goatee+Wolverine’s side burns+Haggerty’s mid cheek=my wife begging me to trim it up before we’re deported.

        • Stephen Haggerty

          Haha… something about the term “mid-cheek” and you being deported for it makes me chuckle. Probably shouldn’t, but it still does.

          • Ken Hagerman

            *snickers in line at immigration.

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