Top 5 Weirdest Christmas Traditions

‘Tis the season to be jolly… and wear tacky sweaters, watch Hallmark movies, and (for some reason) add peppermint to an already enjoyable coffee drink.

I’m not complaining- the weirdness of Christmas makes it what it is. But let’s not pretend there are not some completely wacky Christmas traditions that we keep alive no matter how absurd they might seem. But don’t take LeVar Burton’s word for it… see for yourself:

#5: Caroling

What other time of year could you gather a group of friends, pick a house at random, and start singing songs about figgy pudding on their doorstep? I dare you to try this July.  Continue reading…

Christianese For Dummies, Vol. 3

True story: I am bilingual.

Having the foresight to realize that I would one day need to possess such a skill, my parents fully immersed me early in life in a foreign culture. In this culture, I was forced to adapt to its peculiar way of life- including music, unique behavior, and language.

That’s right, I was raised in church, and hence I am fluent in Christianese. I am fully qualified to serve as an interpreter for preachers, missionaries, and anyone who might have a blog/podcast/magazine with the words “relevant,” “missional,” or “intentional” in the title.

Today, I’d like to bequeath some of this knowledge with the non Christianese fluent population, and give you a flyover lesson in the language of the sanctified. Here goes nothing:


According to Mirriam-Webster: “Made holy; consecrated.”
According to Christianese: “God is literally making it rain dollar-dollar bills on my bank account!!”

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Throughout the course of history, mankind has attempted some pretty ridiculous feats. If you don’t believe me, ask the early adopters of the vibrating ab belt, the portable record player, or Crocs, for that matter.

Apparently a real thing.

Apparently a real thing.

We’re at a point now where if we hear about a new idea, we pretty much expect it not to work. Instead, all we can envision is “Tamagotchi,” “POGs”, or “those shoes with the wheels built into the heel.”

It turns out, this type of novelty cynicism isn’t just something our current generation experiences. People have been hating on new ideas since long before we even knew what a hater was- and how they are gonna hate, hate, hate… hate hate.

What we have working in our favor is the advantage of hindsight. And looking back, we not only see why we should avoid marketing peanut butter & jelly in the same jar, but we also learn that what may look like a ridiculous idea can end up revolutionizing the world. Exhibit A:

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