There are a million things that separate humans. If you don’t believe me, ask…

…a Yankees fan how he feels about a little town called Boston…

…a republican how he feels about our president…

…a democrat how he feels about John Boehner…

…an independent how he feels about having to pick a side…

…a white-and-gold-er how he feels about a blue-and-black-er…

If there’s any remote chance something can be split into two, you better believe the divide is coming. Separation has been occurring since the advent of right and left turn signals, west coast vs. east coast rappers, and Left Shark vs. Right Shark (granted, that last one is pretty easy to pick a side… poor Right Shark).

This is why it’s so appealing when we hear of something that can not be separated.  When Paul talked about us and our relationship with God- he said that it is a union that nothing can separate.  Or, more specifically, it says this:

romans 8I can’t express how awesome, powerful, and absolutely beautiful this truth is. This says that when we are made one with Jesus there is literally nothing that can undo the process- “neither death nor life,” “present nor future,” and the catch-all “nor anything else in all creation” just to make sure everyone gets the idea.

Nothing. Can. Seperate. Us. From. His. Love.

But then we have the clauses. Oh- you don’t know about the clauses? They’re not actually written in the passage, but based on what I’ve seen from a lot of Christian culture, there are multiple unspoken clauses to the notion of Christ’s inseparable love. Here are a few:

*Except if your theology looks different than mine, or
*Unless your pastor’s preaching style is something other than what suits me, or
*Not counting those who fail to shake their heads when the words “Love” and “Wins” are uttered near each other or in adjoining sentences, or
*Except anyone who can’t successfully name what heretics we’ve collectively voted to shun this week.

In reality, truth isn’t aided by our additional clauses- or improved based on our likes or comfort factors. The goodness of Romans 8 is best digested when read just as it is:

“nor anything in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.”

Chew on that. Allow it to settle. Let it impact your theology, your philosophy… eschatology, missiology, ecclesiology- all of your ologies! Through Jesus, there is literally nothing that can or will separate us from God’s love. And that means “nothing.”

How wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.Ephesians 3:18

Discussion question: Team white-and-gold or Team blue-and-black?

What Church Staff Position Your Shoes Say You Are

There are a lot of factors that go into putting the right people in the right positions on a church staff. Factors include how you are wired (introvert, extrovert, ambivert, nontravert), how you’re gifted, and what demographic you can best influence. There is, however, one determining factor that trumps all the rest:

the shoes.

Do you really want to easily identify whether the person you’re talking to is responsible for coordinating guest services or community groups? Well, my friend, just look down. With one quick glance and a trained eye, you can size up a church staff member in a matter of seconds.

So here it is, your quick guide to church staff shoes:


oxfordsChurch staff positionrebel pastor / traditional preacher / sola scriptura reformers

I know what you’re probably thinking: people on church staff still where these? And you know what I say? Quit hatin’. The Oxford is the ultimate rebel shoe. This is the shoe that says, “You can’t tell me how to dress, Steven Furtick, I am my own man.” Oxfords laugh in the face of conventional church fashion wisdom and challenge its wearers to think outside the proverbial bun. If you’re gonna preach that fire or that brimstone, you better be willing to back it up with a “take-no-crap” pair of Oxes. Continue reading…

Live58: Love Is Tangible

I had a moment not long ago where I was doing something I didn’t necessarily want to be doing. It was something I (in my flesh) felt like someone else could have been doing, and I wasn’t exactly going about it all “as unto the Lord”, or “with a cheerful heart”, or any of those churchy things you’re supposed to do as someone who works at a church.

It was at this point that God gave me a very much-needed reminder. What He told me in that moment rocked my world, and I think it will rock yours too. Ready? You sure? Alright, here it is:

Love does stuff.

Okay, so maybe it’s not all that earth shattering. I admit it – I built it up to be some mind-blowing bit of news, and if we’re being honest, it was rather anti-climactic.  I hope you’ll one day forgive me. But hear me out…

Read the full article at…